Ready for some action?

Grab a hammer and get ready for quite a teardown as it's time to give those crumbling properties a new life. Get rid of what's not needed and prepare solid foundations for a brave new... House!

Play it your way

Regardless if you prefer working on interior designs, decorating them or taking care of technical problems and assembling various installations, in House Flipper you will find something for yourself! Thanks to the order system, you will slowly delve into the world of makeovers, to later use this experience when working for the most demanding customers.

To infinity and beyond!

You've finished the last order - congrats. In the meantime, our developers are preparing more of them! We're constantly implementing new updates for different occasions, including items and ideas received from our community. We're also working on DLCs which include new areas, mechanics, so that you'll always have something waiting for you in your mailbox.

Current DLCs

The sunbathed beaches of Massachusetts Bay will soon drag crowds of flippers from all over the world! HGTV DLC is not just new houses - it's a brand new area, mechanics, and tens of new items. If you're just like us and cannot wait - unleash your creativity in your backyard! Garden Flipper will let you create a garden of your dreams, no matter if you're an experienced gardener or just holding a shovel for the first time in your life.