House Flipper is a makeover game where all that matters is either flipping a property for fast cash or spending your hard-earned money on designing and creating your dream house, choosing from hundreds of design options. This best-selling title is within the reach of your hand, so don't wait any longer and get to renovating right away!


The rumours about the apocalypse are spreading throughout the nation, but you fear nothing - you’ve always been prepared for any possibilities. You know for sure that the fallout shelter underneath your house will protect you from the doom and the arsenal of weapons you’ve collected over the years will come in handy one day. Shouldn’t you test them out first? Just go for it - turn the space into a polygon and burn everything down with a flamethrower or just shoot your problems away using an assault rifle!


Have you ever thought of becoming a gardener? Thanks to Garden Flipper DLC it is now possible! Before you'll start planting trees and plans you'll need to get rid of trash and rubble. Mow the lawn, hew unwanted trees, tear out weeds and prepare your garden for a complete makeover! Map paths out, plant new trees and bushes and set flowerbeds. Explore completely new orders and discover innovative mechanics, which we've designed in association with professional gardeners! Step by step, sink in the world of plants. Transform desolated gardens into beautiful masterworks - let them shine under your management. And when you'll be ready to create your own garden...


Do you feel like you would be ready to rise to the occasion, and take care of a fixer-upper with the help of the talents you know from your favourite makeover tv shows? The upcoming HGTV DLC for House Flipper is here for you, expanding the options you see in the original game by adding incredible amounts of new content! With this DLC virtual house flipping is taken to a completely different level, setting the bar much higher than it’s ever been!


Take a look at the outside world - it’s completely ruined by the pollution and electrical waste. Neons are dimmed by the toxic smog, people are replacing their limbs with mechanical parts and everyone is feeling lonely. You just bought an apartment and realized it used to be a dangerous hacker’s loft - it’s your chance to turn this space into your own oasis in this sad reality. Use over 60 cyberpunk-themed items to make it happen - moody lights, cables, industrial switches, holographic plants or even mechanical hands are just a few clicks away from you!


Glass roofs, plate glass windows for walls and a ceiling many feet above your head - this is how kings live! With the Luxury DLC, dozens of types of new furniture: classic contemporary, antique and modern are going to fulfill any luxurious design wishes! New mechanics like instaling huge decorative windows whenever you want them or building swimming pools inside your mansion will also add up to the house flipping experience! In the Luxury DLC you can also try to renovate furniture from past centuries. It is definitely going to take time and effort, but the final result may bring tons of satisfaction. Utilizing classic furniture doesn't mean giving up comfort!


Will you find a place for someone special in your recently renovated property? Thanks to Pets DLC you'll have a chance to take care of a lovely companion and have a wonderful time together! Access an exclusive set of items and decor elements, which will let you design your own cozy countryside house. Comfortable sofas, plushy pillows and tons of decorations will help you on your journey! Your new sweet companion may represent one of ten popular dog or cat breeds, but The DLC will also allow you to choose between other animal species like rabbits, turtles, parrots or hamsters! Discover new orders and properties, from houses with cozy attics and terraces to huge 2-story ranch-themed homes!